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Our Mission is to help Property Owner Mortgagors (POMs) retain ownership of their mortgaged properties – residential as well as commercial – while preserving value.

With our plan, the POM does not have to worry about their monthly payments increasing as long as they make their payments on time. In order to achieve our mission, we shall offer selected borrowers the benefits of our plan which includes modification of the terms and conditions of their mortgage loans to reflect both their current financial condition and the value of their properties.

Certain rights of implementation to government entities and selected banks and financial companies. will be provided. Participation will increase the performance of the loans, reduce default rates, and enhance the value of their portfolios. Once they have improved the credit quality of a portfolio, they will be in a position to monetize the enhanced value through various disposition strategies, which will also help bring additional revenues for them.

To the investors, it gives additional tax advantage, incentives, and benefits.

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