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We intend to provide rights of implementation to government entities and selected banks and financial companies. Their participation will help them increase the performance of their loans, reduce default rates, and enhance the value of the loans in their portfolio. Once they have improved the credit quality of a portfolio, they will be in a position to monetize the enhanced value through various disposition strategies, which will also help bring additional revenues for them.

For the investors, it gives them additional tax advantage incentives and benefits.


Meet the Team

  • 60/40 the Plan is directed and operated by seasoned industry professionals having excellent reputations, bringing their unique experience to the company.
  • TheirĀ broad knowledge in economics, finance, bank, mortgage, strategy, insurance, real estates, system engineer, information Technology, marketing and management, position the company for long term success.

Gustavo R. Diaz

Founder & CEO Gustavo R. Diaz is a Cuban-born American who voluntarily served in the United States Army for several years before being honorably discharged. Since then, he has been involved in many forms of business. In 1979 he obtained his license to sell life and health insurance, and in 1981, between he and his wife, established their own property and casualty insurance agency, which is still in business to this day. He worked in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, contracting for electricity and recycling plants. These experiences have culminated to this point in his life, where he has been blessed by God with the knowledge and opportunity to publish this book.

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