Introducing Our Proprietary Patented Business Method for Creating Collateralized Debt Instruments with Two Negotiable Payment Plans (Patent No. US 8,583,525 B1)

The Technology behind the 60/40 Business Method does not make affordable housing it makes housing affordable. It is a long-term, equitable primary debt solution for all. It helps to provide stability to markets. As well as inject cash directly into the economy.

The modification program provides the Mortgaged Property Owner (hereinafter referred to as POM) an investment vehicle, which grows in value without having to invest additional funds. 

It Provides Options

The Business Method calls for the voluntary restructuring of mortgages, regardless of their current payment status, the POM will defer approximately 45% of the monthly mortgage payment after the transformation.

It Provides Flexibility

By restructuring a person’s debt you avoid delinquency, minimize the deterioration of property value, and stabilize the economy. In addition, the restructuring is a windfall of several thousand dollars annually of additional spending power per household.

It Provides Control

The plan combines the private sector via lending institutions, insurance companies, and securities firms, with limited assistance from the government in the form of a proposed tax incentive. This Plan is entirely voluntary and mainly supported with investments from the private sector and not from the taxpayers. Therefore it…

  • Does not increase budget expenditures;
  • Does not use taxpayers’ funds;
  • Does not create more debt;
  • Does not directly create inflation.

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Author, Inventor, CEO


The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, March/April 2012 Edition of “Review”

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How Home Loan Modification through the 60/40 Plan Can Save the Housing Sector

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